Pace: a two-beat lateral gait; the distinctive fifth gait of pacing horses, including the Icelandic Horse.


Paceland: an equestrian centre at Hökabygget in the south of Sweden dedicated to excellence in the training and riding of the Icelandic Horse.


James Faulkner: James has lived and worked with Icelandic horses since early childhood. As he learnt to walk and talk, he developed a deep and unwavering passion for them. They have been his life.

A graduate of the University of Hólar in Iceland, the world’s leading centre for the study of the Icelandic horse, James went on to work at one of Iceland’s leading studs and training centres – Lækjamót í Víðidal. He has competed at major competitions in Iceland and Europe, including the World Championships in 2013, 2015 and 2017. He has ridden several finals in both British and Swedish Championship, and in 2018, he was Swedish Champion in B-flokk with Flans frá Víðivöllum-Fremri. James left Iceland for Skåne in Sweden in 2014, to set up his own training and riding centre dedicated to Icelandic horses and horsemanship – Paceland.

In the Nordic Championships in 2022, James competed for the Icelandic national team with two horses in A-flokkur, Eldjárn frá Skipaskaga and Leikur frá Lækjamóti II. Both horses made it to the A-final, and Leikur, ridden by Helga Una Björnsdóttir in the final, became Nordic Champion.

James and Leikur at the Nordic Championships 2022 in Åland, Finland.

James is a fluent speaker of English, Icelandic, Swedish and Danish. He is widely acclaimed as an engaging communicator and a highly effective instructor and teacher for riders of all abilities and ages. As a trainer of Icelandic horses, James has an impressive portfolio including horses from leading studs, owners and riders. He has extensive experience at all stages of equine development from the initial training of young horses to preparation for leading international competitions.

Dahlgårdens Islandshästar

Paceland and Dahlgårdens Islandshästar have been cooperating around horses and breeding for some time. Dahlgårdens Islandshästar owns a world champion in pace, Brynja frá Glæsibæ, now a retired breeding mare with several impressive offspring, among them yet another world champion, Gná från Dahlgården. Out of seven living offspring, five have breeding assessments and the average score among them is 8.15. Brynja was rewarded elite prize for offspring in 2020, and a few of her children and grandchildren are now in our stables at Paceland. The foals born at Paceland get the stud name “från Dahlgården”.


Rán från Dahlgården, daughter of Brynja and Askur från Håkansgården