Breeding is an important part of life at Paceland and every year there are new foals born at the farm. We offer top stallions for breeding, and are dedicated in helping you find the most suitable stallion for your mare. Below, you will find some of the stallions at Hökabygget, inlcuding prices and agreements for the stallions available during the 2022 breeding season. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

The picture shows our breeding mare Rót frá Vindási with her 2020 foal, Hilmir från Dahlgården after Júpiter frá Lækjamóti.


Eldjárn frá Skipaskaga

Betäckningsavtal Eldjárn2022


Júpiter frá Lækjamóti

Betäckningsavtal Júpiter2022


Kjarkur frá Lækjamóti

Betäckningsavtal Kjarkur2022

Leikur frá Lækjamóti

Betäckningsavtal Leikur2022


Seifur från Skälleryd

Betäckningsavtal Seifur2022


Þór från Hagstad

Betäckningsavtal Thor2022