The relationship between horse and rider is unique in human experience. Whilst we may be able to enjoy special relationships with other animals, like dogs, cats or even other primates, none of these gives the possibility of “acting” together in the extraordinary ways that we are able to with horses.


The most critical component in that relationship and the key to fulfilling its extraordinary potential is horsemanship. From our first meeting or early attempts at training, to the most amazing feats of horse and rider, success will depend upon our ability to empathise, encourage and enable. Developing and improving these skills is a life-time’s challenge – for all of us.


Paceland is committed to the continuous and life-long improvement of Icelandic horsemanship skills. From inexperienced young children or adults, to seasoned competitors, the centre fosters a culture of improvement, reflection, assessment and action.











Riding Instruction**


Paceland offers Icelandic horse training of the highest international standard. A small team at Hökabygget, under the leadership of James Faulkner, is able to provide individual programmes matched to the unique personality, physiology and ability of each horse.


Whether training goals are focused on recreational use, remedial support and intervention, breeding, or high level competition, all interactions are directed by respect for each individual horse, care for its well-being, and ambition for its development and improvement.


Based upon natural horsemanship, best practices and recent research, a thorough understanding of the natural language and psychology of horses enables a deep bond to be built between trainer and horse at Paceland.

* All of our prices are fully inclusive ( stabling, feed and training, per month, including tax ).

** Each lesson is 40 minutes.


Training for your horse

We offer four different training packages for your horse:


Two months training: Special offer for long term strengthening and training of your horse. In this package, one riding lession (40 mins) is inlcuded, to help you continue developing of your horse. This package is also well suited as preparation for breeding shows. Price: 16000 SEK


One week bootcamp: We train your horse for one week, and after that we will give you the inspiration and advise you need in how to continue training and developing your horse. Price: 3000 SEK (5 days training)


Breeding show
We offer to show your horse in a breeding show, or to coach you in showing the horse yourself. 6500 SEK


Strength package:
Paceland offers a package for strength, stamina and rehab of your horse. The horse is worked/schooled from the ground, walked in the walker, or exercised running free in our 2km track system (which can easily be extended).
A: Track system + walker per time: 200 SEK
B: Track system + walker 5 times: 1500 SEK


Starting the young horse – correct from the start
Paceland offers a two month starting package for the young horse – where the foundation for your horse’s future development is laid. 16000 SEK


Riding lessons and courses

James is an internationally recognised riding instructor with regular teaching engagements throughout Sweden, the UK, Denmark and Finland. James also enjoys an impressive reputation as a riding instructor in Iceland, where he coached young and youth riders to national and international competition levels. In addition, James had a coaching commitment to the Great Britain Iceland Horse Association, including its national team.

Testimonials are profuse in their praise for the expertise that James brings to the instruction of all riders at all levels. Excellent language and communication skills combine to make James an effective and inspiring facilitator. Whether riders attend classes or courses at Hökabygget, or join one of the touring clinics organised by private individuals or Icelandic horse associations, they can be confident that the experience will be a rewarding one.
In addition to regular riding classes and courses, we also offer a few other concepts for the development of horse and rider :


We train your horse here at Hökabygget for a period of 3-5 days, and by the end of the training period, you come to us and ride 2 lessons where you learn how to continue training your horse, and get the tools to further improve your riding.

In this course you will learn the basics in training your horse from the ground. This is where you have the chance to build a strong relationship with your horse, and lay the foundation for further development. This will also give you an insight in how we start the young horses at Paceland.


With only headstall and reins, we explain how to work the horse from the ground in softening exercises, to make the horse cooperative and supple.


Reach your goals
This is a long term concept for you and your horse, whether your goal is competition on a high level or to just form a solid relationship with your horse. We help you with training schedules, coaching and tools to reach your goals!


Og knapinn á hestbaki er kóngur um stund,

Kórónulaus á hann ríki og álfur.

(Einar Benediktsson, Fákar.)


And the rider on horseback is king for a while,

Crownless, he owns a kingdom and continents.